The privacy policy of iBharat

We have prepared this privacy policy to explain the security terms to our visitors. In recent times, the chances of cybercrime have multiplied, and people remain doubtful before clicking on the links. To keep the surfers safe, we maintain a high marketing standard with Artificial Intelligence and organic search results.

The collection of information plays a vital role when you surf the internet. The data let us get familiar with the traffic. We gather information on our visitors in the following process,

· Non-personally identifiable Information

· Internet browser cookies

Non-personally identifiable information: We collect non-personally identifiable information from our website visitors. Our team doesn’t gather personal data but the technical identification information such as,

· The IP address
· The computer type
· Browser name
· The purpose
· Operating system

Apart from the data mentioned above, we highlight other similar activities to ensure website security.

Internet browser cookies: To uplift user-experience, we implement web browser cookies. These cookies monitor, track, and gather information about the visitors and notify us about the visits. However, internet surfers are free to ignore the cookies, but in such a case, they won’t experience some particular functions of the website.

You may wonder, that why we collect the information as thousands of internet surfers use the search engine for several purposes. We have sorted some strong reasons that justify our call to gather data.

Notable reasons to collect data

· To improve the experience: The moment we receive your information, we understand your needs, demands, and purposes. This information motivates us to improve our customer care service. Without having these data, we will be at sea regarding the flaws of our website designing and performance.

· To deliver emails or newsletters occasionally: This is a brilliant idea to remain connected with our visitors. If your email address is registered with us, we will be able to deliver company updates, important notifications, offers, discounts, and other exciting news. The receivers are free to unsubscribe the emails; in such cases, the user has to directly contact us through our website. If you stay registered with our email, you can instantly convey your messages to us.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence

With each passing day, technological advancement is flying higher. We implement AI to track visitors’ web activity, last searched item, and other related terms to enhance the personalized experience. As a start-up agency, we try to monitor the search engine performance, client feedback, UX, and UI to elevate online traffic.

If you search through iBharat, we will watch the website you visit, the time you spend on a website, the links you clicked, and the pages you visit. With this data, we will provide you with a better-customized experience through our search engine.

Be with us

To conclude, iBharat, is perhaps the 1st personalized swadeshi search engine to support small-scale Indian start-ups. Hence, be with us and rate our performance so that we can boost our services up. We are waiting for your visit.

Last Updated: 05/11/2020